Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sizzling Pork Chops

Ron is working in Boston, actually his hotel is in Marlborough Ma. and I've come to spend some time with him, keep him company and make sure that he isn't eating too many meals out!
He always, stays in a suite that has a kitchen convenience, but this time the room had a full fridge, and micro but much to my surprise No Oven!! Only 2 burners, 1 pot and 1 frying pan. Oh My!! Well, looks like meals were going to be limited to frying, not the most healthiest way to cook, but it beats eating out every night.

Ron's cupboard had the obligatory Mac n Cheese, and some pork chops in the fridge, a half opened bottle of wine , spicy brown mustard and a bottle of Worcestershire sauce , Tabasco sauce (To spice up his clamato juice, geez he's got his priority spot on!)

Well, my job was cut out for me. First we had to get those pork chops marinating, salt, pepper (the only spices he had) some vegetable oil ( not even olive oil!) some wine and those chops were now going to sit in some marinade.
Later on I browned the chops , sliced 3 onions (they were rather small), some garlic, added them to the browned chops, put a lid on the pan and lowred the heat to LO.
In the meantime I prepared the cucumbers, salted and drained them and diced in some green onions and tossed them in some sour cream. The Mac n Cheese was out of a box so that was fairly simple.
An hour later I took the lid off the pan and let the sauce , that came from the onions and pork chop juices reduce down and flavoured the sauce with some of that spicy brown mustard and a splash of wine. Not to brag but the chops were absolutely tender and quite flavourful. All in all not a bad meal. Next stop Trader Joe's for some groceries!

When Ron came home, I turned up the heat and got those pork chops sizzling in the pan. There were even 2 left to freeze, so that he could have a meal at a later date when I am back home and he is still finishing up in Boston.