Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Papa Rellena

Papa rellenas is a traditional Peruvian main meal.


My daughter -in-law is a Canadian Peruvian ...and she loves teaching me some of her national dishes.
The other night she invited her mom and me over for a bite to eat and after a quick look in the fridge we discovered some leftovers  ...a bowl of mashed potatoes and ground turkey meat. 

Her mom suggested Pappa Rellena , obviously on the spur of the moment we had to tweek the recipe as we changed up some of the lacking ingredients...regardless the meal was not only delicious but fabulouso!🍴💞

I will post the dish the way it should be made but as you see substitutions can be made.

Basically it is a croquette filled with a spice ground beef mixture.
Ground beef is stir fried with onion, tomato, garlic, cumin, hard boiled eggs (chopped) black olives. Salt and pepper. ( we used turkey)
Let both the beef mixture and mashed potatoe cool. ( we had left over mashed potatoes from the baby's meal and the supper before),
Dredge your hands in corn starch , so that the potatoes don't stick to your hands.
Spoon potatoes in your palms , fill with neat mixture , and fold and mold into an oval shape that resembles a potatoe.
Then fry in oil and serve on a bed of lettuce and top with Salsa Criolla. 
Which we also did not have but instead used sliced white onions, and regular spring salad.
But I will post the salsa as it should have been.

Salsa Criolla
Is a traditional sauce topping. Made with lime juice,
Marinated red onions
Yello Peruvian chilles ..Aji Amarillo,
And parsley.

I'm Back

 I have managed to only post one entry in two years bad that is shameful.
How do I catch up on two years of living . I'll try in a nutshell.
A beautiful new daughter- in- law both outside and inside.
Her family have enriched our lives so much so that we feel we have known each other all our lives.
Two wonderful trips ...Germany nothing and south as hubby worked there for 6 months and just recently Texas and Louisiana for two months. Both places , beautiful countryside, and even greater friendships made.
But also a little man that has completely stollen my grandson❤️❤️
I could go on gushing forever, but why don't I just show you.
Of course there was food enjoy, until we meet again.

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