Saturday, February 21, 2009

A hike up the Rockies and High Tea at Brown Palace & Spa

I was finally feeling better,after suffering with a massive headache, running nose, and blistering fever for 2 days. Ron suggested some fresh air, and we found ourselves up in Boulder hiking on one of the many paths in the mountains.

There was a little snow on the ground but as you can see the sun was shinning the day was warm, high 50's in Denver, don't really know the temp up in the mountains, but we weren't cold and it was just what the Dr. ordered.

I guess it's called Boulder Colorado, because you see these massive boulders all along the way and surprising to me was the red soil (clay?)

One of the many spectacular views from almost the top of Flagstaff Mountain.

Another stunning vista. Boulder must have really healthy people as we saw many people on these trails and they didn't look like tourists. The road to the top is a winding curving steep climb and I was surprised,amazed to see a long distance biker struggling up the road on his race bike. Man was I impressed!

What you don't see is the 5,000ft drop literally inches behind Ronnie, and with 30 mile winds I just wanted to quickly take the picture and have him move away. Show -off!


My reward was High Tea at the Brown Palace Hotel and Spa. Of the infamous "Unsinkable" Molly Brown who struck it rich in the Colorado gold rush and entered folklore when she survived the sinking of the Titanic. What many don't know is that she was a woman of many passions. She travelled, performed and ran for public office. She also shared a dream with many women of her generation : the right to vote. Unfortunately her Home/museum closed at 3:30 and we arrived there afterwards and were too late for the tour, but a few blocks away was her Hotel a stately Grand Old Dame of a hotel in downtown Denver. After being ill and not having much of an appetite, that walk in the mountains did the trick and all the delicacies of high tea turned out to be just the right amount.

Ron waiting for his favorite...warm scones which were coming hot out of the oven..

Scrumptious maple pecan scones with creme fresh, strawberry jam, tea sandwiches of crab, egg, cucumber and of course chocolate treats that just melted in your mouth all enjoyed with a pot of organic Earl Gray Tea.

Our beautiful little table

and me, tired but happy..

I know I look pale, a little bit of the cold is still showing, but my spirits were lifted.

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