Tuesday, August 17, 2010


It's my birthday on Thursday and Ronnie has been treating me with special treats every day this week. He's cute like that, it's his way of showing me that I'm special...even after 35 years..ahhh ! Enough of that !
Today's surprise was a salmon tartar.
The first time I had a salmon tartar was about 10 years ago at our favourite French Restaurant in the Gatineau Hills called Loree de Bois.
It was something that I always wanted to try at home, but truthfully just never got around to making.

Last year in Boulder Co. we celebrated Valentine's Day at the famous Flagstaff Restaurant, there I had tuna tartar as my appetizer, while Ron had some quail. Ron knows how much I enjoyed that tuna, I still talk and dream about it.It was quite the presentation with toasted triangles and was prepared at my table by the waiter.
What a lovely surprise my sweetie, made for me today.It was absolutely great and mouthwatering.
Can you tell that I enjoyed it?? I wonder what my surprise will be tomorrow?

1 Fillet sushi grade Atlantic/or Pacific Salmon (make sure your salmon is fresh)
2t capers
Olive oil
Sliceand cube  the salmon  into small cubes about 1/16" thick or thicker if you prefer.  Place cubed salmon in a glass bowl.  Rough chop about 2T of dill and about 4 strands of chives and add to the salmon.  Add 2T of capers to the salmon.  Add about 2T of olive oil to the salmon and stir to coat the salmon.  Salt and pepper to taste.  Cover and refrigerate the tartar for about an hour to let all the herbs and spices penetrate the tartar.  Approx 5 mins prior to serving squeeze half a lemon into the tartar and mix.  Taste and adjust the salt and pepper if required.  You can also add some extra lemon if you prefer. Serve with toasted baguette


Anonymous said...

Rita....can you clone Ron! I am so jealous! That is so sweet and in case I forget, please have a happy, happy birthday on Thursday!

Ron said...

it's my pleasure. I`m glad you enjoyed it.

velva said...

Ron pulled out the stops for you. This was lovely. Thanks for sharing it with us,'

Happy Birthday to you.