Sunday, April 3, 2011


 Saturday was such a lovely day, that after we did our little trip to Kemptville, Ron and I decided to hook up to the 401 and just go to Montreal.
 No trip there is complete without spending some time at the Jean Talon Market and a visit to Premiere Moison for some Bread.
 This place also sells a delectable array of pastries, terrines and cold meats. So it is also a nice place to sit down and have a coffee with a sweet or a baguette with some pate.

 We also stopped at the cheese shop there and bought a nice selection of our favourite cheeses. The Bartlett pears were to die for, sweet and juicy.

That day the bakery was highlighting a sweet baguette with walnuts and maple. Ron and I devoured the loaf by ourselves with delicious white creamy honey, on Sunday morning. No guilt here! It was so yummy.

If you have a chance to go before Easter,pick up some bread and their hot cross buns ..lovely!. 


Anonymous said...

Everything looks so delicious - I'm
hungry for everything on your plates and basket.Just looking at it makes me long for Canada and especially Montreal!
Oh, all the great items one can find at the market and all the stores.
Can't wait to leave Florida and be
back at home.

Anonymous said...

We've never gone but after seeing all the delicious things we'll have to stop by next time.

Medifast Coupon said...

Oh how lucky were you, I wonder what my husband is up to this weekend, I am thinking road trip, not that far for us, a few hours and those breads, I will show him pictures that will convince him.