Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Strawberries, strawberries,

When my neighbour called and asked whether I would like some strawberries never did imagine that I would have 4 huge baskets of strawberries ! The strawberries are more than likely the last of the season but a huge amount of them where still firm and Oh my so sweet.

So without much hesitation I went about cleaning and hulling the stems, while my brain was already thinking up recipes for pies, and tarts and jams, and just plain old freezing these lovely berries for smoothies that I will enjoy long when the hot days of summer are over.
But for today, I knew that Ron would enjoy his favourite pie Rhubarb and Strawberry.

A quick trip to the freezer, a frozen bag of rhubarb and some  of today's strawberries, and voila dessert for supper! Done.


Christmas Treasure Hunt said...

Enter your zip code hereThese look so beautiful..I love the rich red color from strawberries..really tasty dessert!

Poz said...

Ummm Lucky Ron

Carole said...

Yummy, I can almost taste it. Come on over I'll put the coffee on.

Jynne said...

Yummy my favorite fruit and my favorite pie too sniff