Monday, June 16, 2008

Just a bit of info

I thought maybe it was time to explain a few things about this blog. It is very evident that I am not a professional photographer nor do I own an expensive camera, or have ever even shown an interest in even taking pictures. I love to eat ,therefore ,I have to cook, on occasion I bake, but in truth my sister Heidi loves to bake, is extremely good at it and will always do the baking for any celebration/holiday, so I defer to her ,mainly because she does it so much better than I do. I am also no computer wiz, and when things go wrong I ask the hubby,( who also is no computer wiz) to help me out ,which is often!! As a result, my blog is not very slick and beautiful looking, (like some of the food blogs that I have been reading), but I am willing to learn, and hopefully will improve as time goes by.
I started this blog more as a record of some family recipes, for my kids, and other reasons that I will post at a later date. The food is REAL, not staged and many times prepared and presented the way my family likes to eat it. Thus, many vegetables are over cooked, not the most nuticious way of eating or preparing them, but that is how they like to eat them, and for dietary reasons find them easier to digest, so after many attempts to get them to eat them differently, I have for the most part given up .This is not an excuse , just an explanation for not making the photos look ,"their best." But as I have said , I want to keep it real, and hopefully you will still enjoy the posts.

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