Thursday, July 31, 2008


August 1st,is National Swiss day, (like our Canada day). I was 13 years old when I met my future b-i-l Mundi (EdmundEd). I feel in love immediately and had I been 10 years older would have made a play for him myself, alas my sister Heidi snagged him so in a way he has been in my life for the past 43 years any way.
Ed , as most people call him is Swiss, I like to call him Mundi, I think I heard his mother call him that once and it has stuck ever since.
We celebrate national Swiss Day at his house with a pool party and BBQ. Ed flies a massive Swiss flag and we hang lanterns around the patio that have the Swiss flag designed on it. We usually forgo a traditional Swiss meal , and just serve up a BBQ fare with a potato salad but for dessert we like to do something a little Swiss. This is our contribution to Swiss Day. My sister Heidi made a Red Velvet Cake ( very Southern USA, by the way) and died the creme cheese frosting red and white to resemble the Swiss flag. Most of you know that I am in Kentucky at the moment, but my heart is back in Ottawa with Ed and all the other Swiss around the world. Have a good celebration. (Recipe to follow at a later date. ) This is our entry to another fellow Swiss blogger living in Spain who put out this challenge.See her blog at

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