Wednesday, July 16, 2008



Nothing exotic or mysterious about a hamburger on the grill. Just mouthwatering delicious and ,"you can have it any way you want it." In our house we've made them all, beef, salmon, bison, turkey, chicken. Today's burger was a chicken burger with sweet corn and a greek salad. I prefer to buy chicken thighs and just grind up my own. I have also made them with chicken breasts, but found the cut too lean and the burgers just a tad too dry. My herb garden is doing great this time of year and I just love to go and snip a few herbs to pulse in with the chicken. Chives, tarragon,sage, and of course salt/pepper, no bbq sauce this time but a lovely refreshing topping that adds a great zing to the chicken burger.

Apple-Dill Dressing

300g whole milk yogourt

150g Creme fraiche

1T lemon juice

1T mustard


1 apple cored, diced

120g red onion diced

1 bunch dill chopped

Mix the yogourt, creme fraiche , mustard and lemon juice.Generously salt and pepper the mixture.Chop and dice your apple and onion and add to your yogourt mixture. Chop the dill and incorporate to the sauce. Spoon sauce on top of your chicken burger, also great on a salmon or tuna burger.

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