Thursday, December 4, 2008


This recipe is not your traditional Linzer cookie, but rather a recipe that has been in my family for years . In German, my mom referred to this recipe as a ,"teegeback". or tea biscuit.

As you can see these cookies don't bake up very dark. It calls for 12-15 minutes but when you see that golden hue take them out and cool them on a rack. Ryan likes them filled with blueberry jam and dusted with lots of icing sugar. You can fill them with whatever filling you want and they easily lend themselves to whatever decorating you want to put on them as you can use any cookie cutter shape you want for this dough. I have evn used this dough and made it into a sweet pretzle shape and used an icing sugar paste as a decoration on top of the pretzle and added sugar crystals to make it look like salt.

I will include the original recipe that I have from my mom, but this can easily be adapted for a food processor, if you are rushed and in a hurry. (On many an occasion either Rob or Ryan , when they were in school informed me that they needed 60 cookies for class the next day, and believe me I had to quickly make them and frost them at 9pm in the evening, so by all means don't feel guilty about using , 'the machines'.
500 g flour
6 g baking powder
150 g sugar
1 pkg. Dr, Oetker vanilla sugar
2 eggs
25 g butter
Mix the flour and baking powder in a large bowl. In the center make a well. In this well place the eggs, vanilla sugar and sugar. Take a little flour from the sides of the bowl and mix it together with the egg & sugar mass and form a rough dough. Slowly incorporate the cold cubed butter and keep adding a little more flour as you form it into a dough. Repeat adding the butter and flour. You should end up with a firm smooth dough after all the butter and flour is incorporated. Chill the dough for around 20 minutes. When chilled roll out and use whatever cookie cutter shape you wish. Bake in a 325 oven for around 12-15 minutes. Cool , fill and decorate.
* Cookies should have a very light golden hue.

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