Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rain, rain go away

It's 7:03 in the morning and we have another rain day! The patio is not being used very much this summer at all, as a matter of fact I don't know why the umbrella is still up?

Sunday was actually a nice day and we could have sat outside on the patio, but when the day was so nice it seemed a shame to just waste it. So we took the opportunity to go downtown and stroll by the Byward market and check things out. I picked up some fresh pasta and buns from LaBottega, some Polish Kielbasa from the Continental Deli, and some beefsteak tomatoes, spring onions and small cucumbers from the market. Later we had a coffee and a brioche at the outdoor cafe and just sat and watched all the tourists go by.

This year looks like we aren't going to have much of a summer, so you might as well take any opportunity to enjoy the day as they come along.

There has been cooking, of course, but rather than always running and getting the camera, I have been just enjoying the company and conversations that are taking place around the meals.It seems like everybody has been busy and it's nice to just be all together and get a chance to catch up. It's also nice to have Ron home for an extended time and be part of it all. ( I must say that when he is home I want him all to myself, but then there are obligations to be filled, dinners to be recipricated, and time for him to get in some golf with his friends, ect.) There has been much comfort foods this summer so far, Pate Chinois, Lasagna, heavier warmer meals, due mainly to the weather. On the occasion that we have BBQed, we didn't even have the pleasure of eating it outside. I think that I am sounding as blue as the weather, don't get me wrong I do love and appreciate the rain, but not for almost 5 straight weeks! Let's hope the sun comes out.

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