Friday, June 26, 2009

June Update

Is it just me or has June gone by very quickly? The weather this week has been absolutely gorgeous and everything is in full bloom , thanks to all that rain that we had this month. I just love to see everything look so abundant as I take my early morning walk, it makes my heart sing. Alas, my Boo Girl is not joining me for any walks. She is still not stabilized after almost 6 weeks of medications, different foods, and new meds being introduced. Her little body's immune system is in overdrive and is attacking her red blood cells.
Added to this is the secondary problem of a stone in her bladder, that should not be ignored. So we are trying to treat 2 different ailments and unfortunately the different meds do not always work together. It has been a long process, but today we have had another good day (yesterday being the first) and hopefully, we are now on the right track. That would be a blessing.

The other reason, why I have been absent from the blog, is the fact that my kitchen has been undergoing a small reno. That involved some major work! The underneath counters needed to be emptied, ( i don't believe how much STUFF I had there, it filled over 3 Rubbermaid tubs, the whole dining room table held stuff, and there was junk all over the floor and under the dining table! But I am proud of myself because not only did I manage to donate some pots and pans, but I purged much of the things that were as old as the hills .

I am very pleased with my granite counter tops and back splash, but my pride and joy is my water faucet that goes on and off automatically with just a wave of the hand. It was a small fortune, but oh so worth it!! I am not sorry that I bought it. Mind you the plumber was not too happy with the installation muttering under his breath that he was not an "electrician", as he had never seen so many electrical wires that came with a tap!. But then he got even with us as he charged an arm and a leg for the installation.
We naturally, have been eating out quite a bit, but also when able ...but without kitchen counters, a sink and water in the kitchen to work with the joy of preparing anything nice and blogging about it just wasn't there.
I will still be MIA from this blog a while longer as Ron is having some minor surgery and I will more that likely be joining him on his next assignment. But do check in, I'll be posting something, either a conversation, a restaurant review,or maybe even a meal if I am able too. Have a good summer.

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Anonymous said...

there is NOTHING like redoing a room somewhere - I had my kitchen redone too and also got rid of everything not used in the last year and it is so freeing - getting rid of all that unnecessary baggage!
Your kitchen looks beautiful and ready for that apron(hope you got a spick and span new one too)
And all my best wishes for this time ahead of you...stay strong!