Thursday, October 21, 2010


I love baking bread and so does Ron there is something very cathartic about it and very spiritual. However I am also always on the look out for quick bread recipes.  I came across this video by Mark Bittman on You Tube. In case you don't know him, he has written numerous cookbooks his latest is at Chapters, and also write for the NEW YORK TIMES. But gals save your money and go to you tube, where you can see countless video of him in action, cooking and baking.
This recipe caught my eye, because |I am all for the short cuts! and when I saw that you don't need to knead this dough, well I was sold.
Now I am a convert and have this bread on the go all the time in my house.

I made two loaves this day, and while talking on the phone left the second one in a little longer and henceforth the darker texture but none the less still delicious.

I always like to play with the recipe, by fooling around with the quantities but basically here is the recipe that any 4 year old can do.

3 cups flour
1 1/2 cups water
1 1/4 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. yeast

MIX by hand just to incorporate ingredients

COVER and leave for 12-24 hours

Next day
Pre heat oven to 500F
When temperature is reached, preheat Corning dish and lid in oven.

TAKE out dough and fold over a few times to form a squarish round shape,
COVER with towel.
When the corning dish or cast iron pot is hot carefully remove from oven and plop in your bread from the tea towel.
Cover your pot with lid , this creates steam and helps your bread rise and bake.
Bake for 30 minutes at 500.
Remove lid and continue baking for additional 20 minutes until desired color is reached.
(20 minutes yields dark crust, 15 minutes yields golden crust)
Please check out the video on You Tube.


Velva said...

This no-knead bread is awesome. You are absolutely right, bread making can be a spiritual experience. Thanks for the reminder.

btw, I just discovered Mark Bittman. I really like his no fuss style.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't this bread look beautiful...I can't believe there is no kneading involved? I have seen no kneading breads on a few blogs and yours really looks wonderful...I have to try it..