Monday, October 11, 2010


You know the saying when life hands you lemons make lemonade? Well last week some very good friends gave my sister bags of peppers and well you guessed correctly,  pepper jelly is what we turned it into, and now we have enough to enjoy ourselves and to share as gifts for the holiday.

Here is a sample of the 12 jars that were made from the batch of mostly green, yellow and red peppers.

I searched high and low for a good  pepper jelly recipe, and in the end chose this one from the Chatelaine archives,on YouTube entitled ,'How to make red pepper jelly".

This recipe is great at breakfast over your bagel and cream cheese, on a cracker on it's own,my husband even puts it over peanut butter , but as we are coming into holiday season why not have some on hand over your warmed Brie wheel or jazz up your jar and give as a house gift with the recipe because after all food is for sharing. Enjoy!
Just in case this link does not work I will include the recipe here.
6red peppers
3C. sugar(or Splenda substitute follow their direction)
1/2 C. apple cider vinegar
1-2tsp. Tabasco(Chipolte flavored)
1pouch liquid Certo ( pectin)

1.Clean peppers and quarter
2.Pulse and process in a food processor.
3.Drain the peppers and squeeze the pulp through a sieve until you have 1 cup of pepper juice.
4.Over medium heat bring to a boil the juice, sugar, vinegar and Tabasco. Boil for 3 minutes skim off the foam.
5. Add the liquid pectin and bring back to a boil for another minute. If necessary skim off the foam again.
6. Pour into jars,clean off rims and seal.


Velva said...

I am so envious. This is a wonderful way to use peppers. I love putting pepper jelly over a block of cream cheese and serving up with water crackers as an appetizers.

Your jars looks o festive. This is awesome.

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