Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Papa Rellena

Papa rellenas is a traditional Peruvian main meal.


My daughter -in-law is a Canadian Peruvian ...and she loves teaching me some of her national dishes.
The other night she invited her mom and me over for a bite to eat and after a quick look in the fridge we discovered some leftovers  ...a bowl of mashed potatoes and ground turkey meat. 

Her mom suggested Pappa Rellena , obviously on the spur of the moment we had to tweek the recipe as we changed up some of the lacking ingredients...regardless the meal was not only delicious but fabulouso!🍴💞

I will post the dish the way it should be made but as you see substitutions can be made.

Basically it is a croquette filled with a spice ground beef mixture.
Ground beef is stir fried with onion, tomato, garlic, cumin, hard boiled eggs (chopped) black olives. Salt and pepper. ( we used turkey)
Let both the beef mixture and mashed potatoe cool. ( we had left over mashed potatoes from the baby's meal and the supper before),
Dredge your hands in corn starch , so that the potatoes don't stick to your hands.
Spoon potatoes in your palms , fill with neat mixture , and fold and mold into an oval shape that resembles a potatoe.
Then fry in oil and serve on a bed of lettuce and top with Salsa Criolla. 
Which we also did not have but instead used sliced white onions, and regular spring salad.
But I will post the salsa as it should have been.

Salsa Criolla
Is a traditional sauce topping. Made with lime juice,
Marinated red onions
Yello Peruvian chilles ..Aji Amarillo,
And parsley.

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